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Therapy South, PC - Feeding Therapy

Feeding Therapy

At Therapy South, we believe in a holistic and evidence based approach to working with children that struggle with food. We pride ourselves on our elite trained team with advanced practice and knowledge in the area of picky eaters and problem feeders. 

All of our feeding therapists use a systematic approach to addressing any and all of your feeding concerns with your child. 

Feeding therapy may be right for you and your child if you:

  • Struggle at mealtimes

  • Think your child has a picky diet

  • Are worried about your child gaining weight

  • Are not sure how to progress your child to more challenging foods

  • Are looking for help with establishing healthy routines surrounding food

  • Want to wean your child off a G-tube and increase oral intake


To learn more about the approaches used during feeding therapy, give us a call or send us a message today!

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